How We Work

As a consumer, we believe that each transaction and real estate search should be made in genuine-form, so we create original & personalized agendas based on your interests & preferences. We custom make your home search and we entertain and support you along the way in full form.
As a partner realtor, we always work with you to create an unforgettable trip that your clients will praise you for as well. We are true collaborators and our business is only a better business if we make you look good to. We are super open to working with others; we welcome and embrace you as a associate agent and works towards your goals as well, as an extended team member. To us, your own experience in finding a home for your clients is as important as your client’s desires and success. We like to think of ourselves as the “James Bond” of the local industry.

At WERCR, we are realtor-voyagers ourselves, savvy and thirsty lifestyle seekers compiled by millennial and baby boomers alike. Work with us and see how we are changing the Real Estate Industry in Costa Rica. Solely powered by the privileges of preferential access, an awesome inventory, solid relationships and networking that helps us find it all and vertically integrated services, we are nothing like the neighbors. We aren’t afraid to say that we are the only company that truly knows that regardless if it’s to list your house as a seller or find you a home as a buyer, its all about a lifestyle understanding and reaching your ultimate goal. Let us be that partner, plus hey… it might as well be a pretty cool ride while we are at it!