When and Why Us

After 15 years plus in the international luxury hospitality business, doing everything from sales & marketing to hotel openings & a Rolodex full of buyers & clients, we realized that something was missing in our world & that of our friends…

Our founder, Cristina Jones, saw a vast opportunity to shift the name of the game. Like most everything that empowers us, we simply decided to create it because no one else in our region seemed to be getting it like we saw it. With that, WERCR was born. Influenced by Cristina’s luxury sales and marketing schooling, we established Central America’s ultimate real estate company.

  • Our core? Marketing like no one else.
  • Our heart? Sales with a conscious.
  • Our mission? To revolutionize. To work like no one else has for you and with you and jointly meet your milestones.

WERCR is a lifestyle. We lead it & live it & now want to also share it with you, our friends & clients. We do business with who we love – only. We do business for the peeps that we get to know & understand – only. We are selective & niche-oriented & we aren’t your average Joe!

As a client, we will host you, sit at your table & literally hold your hand across any of this country’s hanging bridges. That’s not necessarily a metaphor either. We don’t believe in being traditional real estate advisers so we made up our own ways. Our level of understanding, advisory, connections and ability to negotiate will prove to you why we we’re the right choice and soon enough you’ll see we were the ONLY choice too!

We take great pride in doing things differently. Our globetrotting & multi-cultured team has experienced only the best the world has to offer. We know how people live around the world as we have lived in over 17 countries ourselves. We clearly and vastly understand your needs and preferences, no matter where you’re from – we may be from there too. We understand unique needs and intricate tastes and we also know how things are done outside of Costa Rica, which will be a key element in our support to you and your own peace of mind. We understand you and what you like. We are more selective & offer a wider range of untapped property-finds than anyone else. We are also serious about our unrivaled dedication to customer service.

We believe in loyalty & in being the difference makers for our buyers & true executors for our property sellers. We prefer our boutique portfolio of properties rather than an overload of inventory that has no one’s interest at heart. It is because of this, that we can also offer higher value and a truly differentiated real estate listing or buying experience.

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