Who We Are

WERCR is nothing like the neighbor, totally unordinaire – We are exceptionally extraordinaire. In a world full of competition and multiple options, it’s hard to define yourself in true differentiating form. Thus, this is why we have opted to simply tell you our story and tell you more about our background because we basically believe that this will take you back to the core of who we are and why you should be working with us. It’s about being honest and we believe in that. We think it’s the best way. In the end, it’s up to you, but if you do decide to make us part of your home buying or listing adventure, it will totally be up to us to make you come back for more, and we take that to heart.

WERCR is the newest division of CJONES&CO, a PR & business development firm that was born in 2013. Founded by Cristina Jones, ex-hotelier and total entrepreneur, she based this new company yet again on doing things differently. Having worked for the likes of Versace and Hotel gurus such as Ian Schrager, Cristina’s background comprised some of Hospitality’s biggest names and with that came a plethora of sales and marketing knowledge. Having marketed the crème-de-le-crème of the hotel industry she truly became an expert in out of the box thinking. She learned how to create a Brand into a Persona, give it a soul, and thus, successfully position it in highly competitive markets. As a true ambassador of what she represents, she believes in creating love markets that will soon enough have lovers, and by lovers we mean buyers. She believes in selling with an edge, engaging clients in different ways and becoming not only an adviser but also a true country and operational host. With that at the forefront, her newest project – real estate marketing – has come as a natural step into the future of CJONES&CO and her innovative ideas are rocking Costa Rica’s methods.

As a buyer, I was tired of the same… I was tired of every other realtor in Costa Rica showing me the same old thing. No offense to my friend developers, but the core of this country was looking like a Rosti-Pollos palette. Having lived most of my life in Miami and New York and thus of coarse, traveling the world to every urban destination I could find during my posh hotel days… I really believed Costa Rica had so much more to offer than the same ‘ol-same ‘ol. So, I set myself out to find it. As a client of WERCR, rest assured you will not only be checking out the mass-market but all the intricate boutique finds that no one else may have as well.

Along the way, I also found that Costa Rica not only had a lot of hidden gems, and a whole lot to offer but a major niche market as well for an agency that believed in doing things differently. Finding things differently. Showcasing things differently. There were either the ultra-luxurious posh agencies that only sold Million Dollar Estates or the ones that had what everyone else had too, thus making the market overly saturated and under delivered for sure.

The Costa Rican market is a very nontraditional real estate market. Let’s begin by mentioning that everyone can be called a “realtor” and many are taking you for a run. Having established my original real estate license in Miami in 2006, I learned the ropes from the Big Dogs and truly found an outstanding opportunity to showcase and implement my ways while tropical-izing them as well for the ultimate client win-win situation. As a seller, I have a story as well. I believe in realtors that have your best interests at heart, not their own. Let’s start there. One of the things that gave me the heart & soul, plus the skills to develop this new division of my company was my own past experience.

Here’s the story…Nothing like meeting a past potential buyer at a social event and inquiring on why he never made an offer on your house if he seemed so interested, and having him say “I did”. That’s the element of surprise. Realtors in Costa Rica seemed to only have their own interests at heart and truly didn’t value or support your needs as a seller. Yup… that happened. I actually had a realtor list a house I owned during a time of difficulty and had him get an offer that HE thought wasn’t of his best commission-able interest and thus not even taking the time to share it with me for my own decisions. That’s illegal in most countries. Needless to say at that time, we ended up selling far under value as the property sat on the market for far too long, yet had it not been for that realtor, I would have sold it at a veritable price and pronto. These are the things that I’m talking about and why WERCR exists.

Meet Our Agents

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